• Growth of 17.7% in consolidated net revenues, with positive results in Brazil and Latin America.
  • Increase of 22.5% in EBITDA, with additional investments of R$88.0 million in marketing funded by productivity gains.
  • Appreciation of 18% in Natura’s shares, in comparison with a drop of 41% by the Ibovespa, the main index of the São Paulo Stock Exchange.
  • Increase in the creation and distribution of wealth to all stakeholders.
  • Innovation rate, which dropped to 56.8% in 2007, jumped to 67.5%.
  • Increase of 50% in the volume of sales of the Believing is Seeing (Crer Para Ver) program and its implementation in Argentina.
  • Growth of 18.2% in the number of consultants to 850,000 in Brazil and abroad.
  • Increase in the employee turnover rate in Brazil from 9% in 2007 to 12.37%.
  • The new structure caused a reduction of 8.59% in the number of employees in Brazil, mainly concentrated in the administrative area.
  • The Carbon Neutral Project eliminates 9.0% of Natura’s relative emissions in two years, which shows the proportion of Natura’s challenge to reduce its GHG emissions by 33% over five years.
  • Launch of the line for children Naturé, which leads children, in a playful way, to experience their first notions of the conscious use of water.
  • Reduction of the consumption of water (8.91%) and energy (16.88%) in industrial operations per unit billed.